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Our glass processing machines

MURRI CRISTALLI is equipped with two glass processing machines, exclusively designed for car glass treatment processes which have the capability to produce car glasses of any shapes and meet requirements and standards of the automotive market. Their high operational flexibility is another key factor that easily allows to produce prototypes for custom designed glasses and execute all the necessary tests prior to production.

Tamglass HTBS-4160

High capacity furnace for the processing of flat and cylindrically bent tempered glasses. Glass thickness range may vary from 3.15 to 5.00 mm. Maximum glass size is 1240 x 750 mm; minimum bending radius is 1,000 mm to 20,000 mm and comes on the second curve.

Gravity furnace

For the processing of complex shapes using specially designed tools named Esqualette. Glass thickness range may vary for of 3.50 to 5 mm. Glass size depends on glass thickness chosen and starts from a size of 1,000 x 600 mm for thickness of 3.50 mm up to a size of 1,350 x 700 mm for thicknesses of 4 - 5 mm.